Blooket, the engaging educational platform that intertwines learning with gamification, offers a plethora of experiences for both students and educators. From playing Blooket games to creating your own sets and collecting unique blooks, this comprehensive guide will walk you through the diverse features that make Blooket an interactive learning haven.

Playing Blooket Games

Step 1: Join a Blooket Game

To kick off your Blooket adventure, join a game using the 6-number code provided. Enter your name, and you’re ready to immerse yourself in the world of educational gaming.

Step 2: Discover More Games

Use the “Discover” button to explore games related to your interests. Once you find a game, you can save it to your favorites, report inappropriate content, or duplicate it for a customized experience.

Creating Blooket Game Sets

Step 3: Create a Blooket Game Set

  1. Set a Title: Begin by naming your question set descriptively, such as “First Grade Addition Facts” or “Science Trivia.”
  2. Add a Description: Provide a short summary of the game’s content.
  3. Upload a Cover Image: Choose a relevant image from your computer, URL, or the Blooket gallery.
  4. Privacy Setting: Decide whether everyone can play or only you.
  5. Creation Methods: Choose from starting a set from scratch, importing games from Quizlet, or importing a game from a spreadsheet.
  6. Create Your Set: Click on the “Create Your Set” button to proceed.

Step 4: Create a Blooket Game from Scratch

  1. Choose Creation Method: Opt for creating a game from scratch.
  2. Add Questions: Begin by typing in a question.
  3. Question Image: Upload an image or choose from the Blooket image gallery.
  4. Answer Choices: Create at least two answer choices (optional: add more).
  5. Time Limit: Adjust the time limit according to your preference.
  6. Random Question Order: Check the box for a varied question order.
  7. Save: Save your question after completion. Remember to save after each question.

Collecting and Understanding Blooks

Step 5: Finding Your Blooks

  1. Check Your Blooks: Click on the “Blooks” button to view all the blooks you have.
  2. Blook Details: Click on a blook to see its name, sellability, and rarity. Rarities include common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, chroma, and mystic.

Step 6: Understanding Blook Rarities

  1. Common Blooks: Everyone has common blooks by default, featuring animals like dogs, cats, and more.
  2. Uncommon Blooks: Can be sold for $5 and include characters like elves, witches, and wizards.
  3. Rare Blooks: Sell for $20 and feature characters like jesters, dragons, and queens.
  4. Epic Blooks: Can be sold for $75 and include characters like unicorns, caterpillars, and spaceships.
  5. Legendary Blooks: Also sold for $75, with characters like Mega Bot, T-Rex, and Ghost.
  6. Chroma Blooks: Rare and sell for $300, featuring colorful variations like Rainbow Panda and Haunted Pumpkin.

Buying and Selling Blooks

Step 7: Buying and Selling Blooks

  1. Buy from the Market: Themed boxes like Wonderland, Medieval, and more are available for purchase using tokens.
  2. Different Box Categories: Explore boxes containing medieval characters, Wonderland figures, breakfast items, space objects, robots, aquatic creatures, safari animals, dinosaurs, and more.
  3. Sell Blooks: Uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary blooks can be sold for varying amounts, ranging from $5 to $75.

Bonus: Checking Your Stats

  1. View Your Stats: Explore the number of games played, tokens won, total players defeated, and more.
  2. Class Pass Feature: Unleash your creativity through Class Pass, allowing you to create your own blooks with customizable features across 100 levels.


Blooket offers a multifaceted experience, combining educational gaming with creative expression through blooks. Whether you’re playing, creating, or collecting, Blooket provides a dynamic and immersive learning environment. So, dive in, explore the possibilities, and make the most of your Blooket journey!